Here at Little Explorers we believe that a healthy diet begins the process of a healthy life.


At Little Explorers children enjoy delicious, home cooked food provided by Jamie’s Wild Cafe which is nutritionally balanced. We take advantage of fresh seasonal produce and encourage our children to experience a wide variety of tastes and flavours with their meal. We are fully equipped to provide food for children with allergies or intolerances as well as cultural preferences and vegetarian options.


Cow’s milk is provided free of charge, milk is served at snack times along with fresh drinking water as an alternative- we do not provide juice. Drinking water is available throughout the day for children to access promoting independence and self-care skills.


A variety of healthy snacks are provided for children on a daily basis ranging from fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, salad boats and dips/ dunkers.


The Nutritionist Resource website has more information on nutrition for children
















Children who attend a full day at Little Explorers will be provided with:
  • Breakfast (7:30am –8:30am)
  • Mid morning snack: (9:30am)
  • 2 course lunch: (11:30am)
  • Snack tea: (3:30pm)


All meals are planned on a balanced nutritional diet on a 2 week rota which are updated twice a year. We like to ensure that, to the best of our knowledge we do not purchase or use genetically modified products. We work closely with Chef Jamie to ensure the quality of produce is of a high standard. We welcome parents to visit Jamie in his cafe to discuss menu ideas.


We also ensure that the children will have 5 portions of the recommended 5 a day fruit and vegetables.


Our Latest Menu

Click the link below to download our latest menu in PDF format.

Our Latest Menu