Parents to provide

  • At least two changes of clothing (unless toilet training then more will be required)
  • Suitable outdoor shoes
  • Wellington boots for outdoor play (wet days)
  • Coat, gloves, hat and scarf for outdoor play (cold days)
  • Sun cream and sun hat (sunny days)


Please ensure that all clothes and shoes worn are suitable for the children to paint, glue and explore in.

Tweenie Unit

The Tweenie unit is designed for children aged 2 – 3 years. In this unit we encourage children to develop their independence and self care skills in a variety of ways, for example introducing toilet training, good hygiene practices and dressing/ undressing. Children are supported to investigate and explore their environment and to question ‘how, why and when’ things happen. There is a keen focus to provide as many homelife experiences as possible through play i.e. baking/washing up/ pegging out clothes. Within areas such as role play and construction we introduce as many natural and real resources as possible to encourages children to become familiar with everyday items and be able to use them independently.

Within the Tweenie unit we continue to develop the Prime areas of the EYFS (personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language development) and also introduce the Specific areas which are; literacy, understanding the World, mathematics and expressive art and design in preparation for pre-school.


On a fortnightly basis we have Petite Acting Academy who visit the setting to deliver drama sessions for the Tweenie children. These sessions focus on personal, social and emotional development, supporting children to express themselves through music and movement.

Every Thursday Dan from Westholme School visits us, he provides sports sessions for the children. These sessions focus on physical development through various games, stories and songs which support children to use their bodies to move in a variety of ways and understand the impact exercise has on our bodies.
All children within the nursery building are provided with a communication diary in which parents and the child’s key person can communicate on a daily basis. These books record your children’s nappy changes, meals, sleep and any activities/ learning experiences they have had throughout the day.
Please note Little Explorers cannot hold any responsibility for any paint, glue or messy play that go on your children’s clothing, we do however provide aprons and encourage the children to wear these when taking part in these activities.



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