Under 2s Unit


Our under 2’s units are located on the first floor. There are three units that interlink to allow for easy transition from the Tinies, Tots 1 and Tots 2. This gives the staff flexibility to open all rooms when needed and opportunities for children to have supported interactions with the older children at set times or for certain activities. It is laid out in a way that supports individual progression and development from rolling and crawling to sitting and standing.
The specially chosen equipment is used to support each child in their physical development and provide further opportunities to progress alongside all other areas
of learning through a playful and play based approach.


Tinies – The Tinies room is for children aged 3 – 12 months. We focus on each child’s personal routine and cater around this. We use a sensory approach and ensure we provide heuristic opportunities for all children and follow the EYFS to meet their needs. The Tinies room can accommodate up to 9 children at any time, the adult: child ratio is 1:3. There is a large floor area to encourage mobility and physical development. We ensure the resources provided are age appropriate and activities are suitable for the children cared for.


Tots 1 – The Tots 1 room is designed for children aged 12 – 18 months. This room is for children who are cruising and beginning to walk. We offer a range of physical, sensory, exploratory and imaginative play. The room is designed for up to 15 children at one time. The ratio is again 1:3. The activities and resources provided are specifically designed for the age group cared for and we try to use as many natural resources as possible.


Tots 2 – The Tots 2 room is designed for children aged 18 – 24 months. This room is designed for children who are preparing to transition downstairs, as well as opportunity to areas such as physical, sensory, exploratory and imaginative play, we begin to prepare them for the larger 2 year old room. Children are beginning to wash own hands and face, empty their plates and use a knife, fork and cup. This room can hold up to 15 children and again the ratio is 1:3.


Within each of the Baby rooms we focus on the 3 Prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage which are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Communication and Language Development.
  • Physical Development.


All children within the nursery building are provided with a communication diary in which parents and the child’s key person can communicate on a daily basis. These books record your children’s nappy changes, meals, sleep and any activities/ learning experiences they have had throughout the day.


At Little Explorers, we believe that our children must be given the opportunity to learn from first hand experience by interacting with a rich variety of materials and socialising within their peer group. A variety of creative activities are available throughout the day such as water play, jelly play, finger painting and cornflour play to help promote tactile and sensory skills from an early age, along with sensory treasure baskets and a wide range of floor play toys in order to maintain full stimulation for each individual child.


Each child will move depending on their age and ability, ensuring they are placed in a group that they are able to cope with and be happy with and also allowing them to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially at their own pace.

Under 2’s Unit is designed to ensure that each individual child has the benefit of spending their day in a stimulating and safe environment. Every child will have their own everyday book/sheet which informs parents about their child’s day, how much they have eaten, how long they have had to sleep and all nappy changes and checks. Parents are asked to sign these at the end of each day if they are satisfied and are also encouraged to add any of their own comments.


The under 2s units complete play plans which are displayed to enable parents to be aware of what their child will be experiencing and be a participating partner in their child’s learning process. Details of the activities and learning opportunities that have been planned are clear and are either initiated by the child themselves, or adult led. Learning experiences are planned for each child through regular observations and interaction which in turn allows us to provide your child with the next steps.



Contact the Baby Unit:babyunit@littleexplorers.me.uk


Parents to provide

  • An empty bottle and pre-measured formula in a separate container (We will make up the child’s bottle up fresh as and when required).
  • At least two changes of clothes (named) to be kept at nursery. (Little Explorers will provide your child with a nursery pump bag)
  • Packs of disposable nappies and baby wipes.
  • Nappy cream if applicable.
  • Sun cream and sun hat.
  • Please provide your child with suitable outdoor clothing; all children at Little Explorers have opportunities to play outdoors every day.