'Every day is open day. No appointments needed to come and view our nursery!'

We have 2 wonderful outdoor areas, specially designed to challenge and ignite children’s sense of adventure and support their development. Our 0-2’s area provides a safe base for babies and toddlers to explore. There is room to crawl, toddle, climb and run as well as a variety of equipment and natural resources to play with. Whilst outdoors, our babies and toddlers also enjoy lots of ‘messy’ experiences; playing in water, making marks with edible paint, building and digging in sand and exploring mud! There are also plenty of opportunities to explore our natural wooded area and spaces for quiet times.

The larger play space is ideal for 2-4 year olds as it offers a range of more challenging equipment as well opportunities to indulge in imaginary play, physical activities, quiet areas to read and relax and natural play spaces to enjoy. Large scale activities also take place with children taking advantage of the space and joining in with parachute games, obstacle courses, bug hunts and teddy bears picnics.  During the summer months we enjoy special pool parties, water play days and den building outdoors.