'Every day is open day. No appointments needed to come and view our nursery!'


The Caterpillar room is specially designed for our very youngest babies aged up to 18 months old. The room is safe and secure with a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. The room is well… [Read More]


From 18 months old, children move into the Butterflies room. This large, spacious environment provides opportunities for toddlers to be creative and… [Read More]


Ladybirds is specifically designed for children from approximately 30 months old . With areas to build, share stories, use their imaginations and be creative and messy, children are encouraged to develop their independence and… [Read More]


Our pre-school room is led by Alex, our Head of Pre-School education who is a qualified Early Years Teacher and Rhiannon, Room Lead, who is also a graduate. . The nursery day is… [Read More]